Thursday, February 9, 2017

2/4 - theSpot Presents: Vegas Improv Picture Show

Over the course of the last few months, Las Vegas improvisers have practiced and participated in theSpot's Saturday workshops (taught by Robert Long), towards performing the long-form structure, The Movie. This past Saturday, at the Sci Fi Center, The Movie Form debuted as part of the Vegas Improv Picture Show! The performers this night were:

LeWayne BuDe McQueen
Melissa Arechiga
William Bruchert
Ed Palow
Melissa Sorrentino
Trina Colon
Claire Mayne

The first part of the night consisted of short-form games revolving around movies and involving members of the cast (and audience members):

Lego Movie Night? Sweet!

Moving Bodies

Oscar Winning Moment

The "Little" Actors of Big/Little (Photo: Ryan Neufeld)

The "Big" Actors of Big/Little (Photo: Ryan Neufeld)

One My Movie idea pitched at a time
After the break, the cast (introduced by Robert Long) returned and performed "Can't Stop the Music", which was described as "The Music Industry's Devil's Advocate"...You had to be there...

This night's performance was a free show (preview), the intention is to run The Movie monthly on Saturdays at the Sci Fi Center (5077 Arville, South of The Orleans Casino), $10!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

1/15 - Vegas Theatre Hub: HubBub

What time is it? HUBBUB TIME!!! Photo Credit: Ryan Neufeld
This past Sunday was the 3rd Sunday of the month and that means the Vegas Theatre Hub's HubBub commenced!

The 8pm half-jam, half-student performance show now starts at 6:30pm. The Hub now offers a Pre-Jam Drop-In class for performers to get a sneak peek and learn some of the games being played later that night. Taught by Hub Instructor Natalie Shipman, the games of Chairs, DVD (or DVR, I can't remember anymore) Moving Bodies, and Law & Order were shown.

The Olympics are on DVD, right?
Superhero Moving Bodies!!!
Law & Order...DUN DUN!!!
After the Jam, the last two HubBubs have featured the Five Card Draw (Vegas...Poker/ get it). Students from the Hub's Improv Program/Workshops draw a card before the Jam and Natalie, along with other instructors (last month Hub Director Darren Pitura and Instructor Marcus Jacob Weiss hopped on stage) or, for this month's drawing, veteran Vegas improviser Kim Faubel (Grey Envelope Theatre, Bleach Improv, Improv Kingdom) was in town to play.

Five cards/students are drawn and they proceed to run a Montage of scenes to end the show. Presenting the 1st and only performance of Black, White, and Red All Over!

***All Photos Taken By Ryan Neufeld***

The HubBub is every 3rd Sunday at the Vegas Theatre Hub's new Downtown space (705 N Las Vegas Blvd.). Visit their website for upcoming classes, shows, and workshops!

Welcome (Back)!

So, it's only been a year and a half since I've used this blog. Keeping track of the FaceBook page has my main focus, but also I haven't been to as many improv shows as I'd like to 🙁 (Work, commuting, after-work exhaustion, work mostly). After filming or taking photos for two hours at a time, the wind's taking out of my sails a bit...

I wouldn't call this a New Year's Resolution...more like a January 19th "Shut Up and Write" Resolution: I pledge to post more photos and show updates of the Vegas scene (especially with the new opportunities 2017 has presented us). Starting off...with the January 15th Vegas Theatre Hub HubBub!

***What Shows Have Happened the Last Year and a Half***

The 1st Downtown Vegas Improv Festival (and the 2nd one's around the corner, March 10/11)
Monday Night Improv Fights (Head-to-Head Short/Long Form)
Vegas Theatre Hub Has Their Own Space!!! (705 N Las Vegas Blvd.)
Vegas Theatre Hub Are Holding Auditions For a House Team!!!

Welcome (Back) and thanks for reading!